Saturday, May 3, 2008

I *&^%@# Hate Broken Links

I, like many of you hate broken links. That's why I'm so frustrated with myself for linking back to sites like yahoo sports in some recent posts. I should have known better. No more broken links here. As for those links already broken, I will try to go back and fix them when I get some time.

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Anthony said...

Hey I am a regular reader of your blog but I haven't posted in a while. Your blog is great, I too am a football kit collector. I was born and bred in the US but am currently going to university in Sevilla Spain which is a kit collectors paradise (2 Sevilla teams and the big 3 everywhere). Just thought I'd leave some of my own favorite kits.

Bolton Wanderers (my favorite epl team) always has great kits, especially since they have a great sponsor- reebok, so the kits always look classy

Holland and Italy Away Euro 08, love the all white with the collar for Italy (my favorite National team) but the Holland shirts are so nice.

Inter Milan, can't beat the nerazzurri's kits, sorry to say. I like the rossoneri shirts but Inter has the Crusader away and the better sponsor with better name + numbers

Arsenal 3rd and Bayern home, love the hoops.

Worst kit:
Current Sevilla 3rd, what the hell is the all pink