Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Best Looking Rivalry

This weekend there will be yet another edition of the Argentine Super-clasico between River Plate and Boca Juniors. This is a great time to talk about the aesthetic aspect of this rivalry, which we believe to be the best–dressed rivalry in all of world football. First off, both teams can wear their home kits when they play each other, which is critical. Second, no other rivalry has such a great combination of uniforms.

With all due respect to my beloved AC Milan, I've never though that vertically striped shirts where particularly impressive. The one striped shirt that I think is absolutely gorgeous is Argentina's national team kit. That means that the big Italian rivalries(except maybe Roma–Lazio) are not that great visually to me. Real–Barça looks pretty good. England has a few great visual rivalries, like Arsenal–Spurs and Man U.–Man City. I also like Celtic–Rangers from Scotland and PSG–Marseille from France. But the cream of the crop is definitely River–Boca. River with their distinctive white shirt with red diagonal sash. They usually wear black shorts with their home kit, but this season I have been noticing them wearing white shorts a lot. Boca has an equally distinctive kit, I know of no other club in the world that sports that blue shirt with the horizontal yellow band.

As far as club teams go, who do you think are the best dressed rivalries? I smell another poll coming on. If you vote Other, tell us in the comments what you think is the best–dressed rivalry.

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daniel kim said...

Brazilian Palmeiras-Corinthians is also a good looking rivalry. Both can wear their home uniforms aswell. Palmeiras with green shirts and white shorts-socks. Corinthians with white shirt and black shorts-socks.