Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chelsea FC: Tempting Fate?

I am somewhat superstitious. I know football supporters are a fairly superstitious lot as well. That is why my eyebrows were raised when I caught wind of this: Chelsea FC is planning on wearing their 08/09 shirt in next week's Champions League Final against Manchester United.

Chelsea have been wearing this shirt (06/08) for the past two campaigns. Last weekend in a vital Premier League match against Bolton Wanderers Chelsea debuted their new kit which they will be wearing in the upcoming season(Chelsea ended up drawing 1–1 with Bolton). Debuting new kits during the final matches of the season has become somewhat of a tradition, especially in England. Here's my beef: Chelsea have had such a gritty campaign coming back from a lot of adversity. All along the way they did it wearing this shirt. Now, on the eve of the biggest match in Chelsea FC history they are going to wear a kit different from the one that got them there? Sounds like a bad omen to me. I had been leaning towards Chelsea winning the match in Moscow, but now I am not so sure. United will be wearing the kit they have worn all season. If I was a Chelsea supporter, I would be raising hell over this.

I would love to hear from Chelsea supporters. What do you say? Am I making too big a deal out of this? Or is there something to this?


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Your right to say that chelsea have worn their new kit on the last couple of games - but does it really matter? it is only a kit. I don't see haw that would have affected them as after 2 seasons ago when the 06/08 shirt we won the premiership and ended the season on 91 points.

We would have won if John Terry did not slip on the penalty kit which was very unlucky. Manchester United should not have won the champions league - and even you have to admit that you were VERY lucky. Like i said IT HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR KIT!!!

< ed - chelsea fan >

A. Kane said...

Ed–Thanks for sharing your opinion! Again, i guess it just boils down to if you are a superstitious person or not.

Prasin said...
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