Saturday, September 22, 2007

Someone Should Get Fired For This

Very interesting and bush league development in a French Ligue 1 clash between Marseille and Auxerre last night. Apparently the change strip that Marseille brought with them(they were away) was too similar to Auxerre's home design. So match officilas ruled that Marseille had to wear Auxerre's away top. What a complete fiasco if you ask me. More pictures here and here.

2 comments: said...

2 thoughts. Why design a home shirt in white with blue trim and an away in blue and white stripes? Only for merchandising becasue they would definitely need a third kit. My question then is this, why not take their third kit with them? It's orange with a tiny bit of blue, surely that's not going to clash!

A. Kane said...

hi and thanks for stopping by.
you are spot-on with your first point, it's money that makes these decisions nowadays.
someone in Marseille's team has to be responsible for keeping track of what kits will be used, and in this case that person definitely dropped the ball. you are right, they should have worn the 3rd orange kit (as hideous as it is).