Monday, March 26, 2007

New U.S. 3rd Jersey Makes Its Debut

The new United States 3rd made its debut today in an international friendly against Ecuador. The jesey was paired with a blue short. I wonder why they didn't use the white short which I think would have looked much better. Also, Ecuador wore blue shorts, so the U.S. had a ready made excuse to wear the white shorts. I guess they intend on using the white shorts as change shorts, which is unfortunate.

The jersey proved to be lucky today as the U.S. won 3-1 on the strength of a hat-trick by Landon Donovan.

I personally think the jersey looks pretty good. It's true the other jerseys the U.S. is currently using are probably nicer, but this jersey is a nice change of pace. And really, it could be a lot worse. Just look at the horror that Ecuador was wearing.

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Anonymous said...

Not as bad as I thought. The pinstripes are too thick, but looked OK overall. The back of the neck was a bit weird. And what a goal by Donovan!
Chile wore the logo free kit with no luck against Brazil (man did they kick our ass). The kit was OK and had the national badge as it should.
You can see it here (dunno if the link will work, plus it was hard to find a photo without a Brazilian with the ball).
Cheers mate!